Central Language School, Cambridge, is accredited by the British Council and is a small, friendly, city-centre English language school. 

Our aim is to give you a warm welcome and an excellent opportunity to learn English in a caring, community atmosphere. Our courses, from Beginner to Advanced level, are run throughout the year for adults with a minimum age of 18. We also offer an evening couse for IELTS exam preparation. 

The School is just 3 minutes' walk from the central bus station and near many restaurants, shops and the colleges of the University of Cambridge. Students from more than 90 different countries have studied with us and there is usually a good mix of nationalities in the school.

The School was founded in 1996 by a group of Christians in Cambridge. 

  • Marie Claire, Italy

    Marie Claire from Italy I will go home with my luggage full of presents but especially full of this amazing experience
  • Raffaello, Italy

    Raffaello, a student from Italy I felt really comfortable with my hosts. They were friendly and available every time that I need.
  • Jia, China

    Jia, a student from China Our school's teachers are friendly and lovely. We can learn a lot from them. Our classmates are kind. 
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